Skills Assessment Testing Center

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We provide a wide range of professional assessment tests and skill evaluation tools for the benefit of project management organizations and professionals.


Our assessment package is developed by PsychTests AIM Inc. and uses professionally designed testing criteria based on the research of some of the world's most renouned behavioral scientists. See the PsychTest catalog above for assessment descriptions and further information.


Our package includes the following 16 assessment evaluations:


  • ART (Analytical Reasoning Test)
  • CAPSAT (Creativity & Problem-solving Aptitude Test)
  • COMSA (Communication Skills Assessment)
  • DOT (Detail Orentation Test)
  • GSSA (Goal Setting Skills Assessment)
  • LEAP (Leadership Potential Assessment)
  • LISI (Listening Skills Inventory)
  • MEIQ-Ab (Multi-Dimensional Emotional Intelligence Quotient)
  • MENSSA (Management Skills & Styles Assessment)
  • MVIT (Multi-Dimensional Verbal Intelligence Test)
  • NAP (Negotiation Aptitude Profile)
  • NVIQT (Non-Verbal IQ Test)
  • ORSKIT (Organizational Skills Profile)
  • SPSA (Social Personality and Skills Assessment)
  • TIME (Time Management Evaluation)
  • TIOT (Team vs Individual Orientation Test)


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            Project Management Skills Assessment Testing Center        





About PsychTests AIM Inc.


PsychTests’ assessments are known for their accuracy and easy-to-read reports, statistical reliability and validity, and for their use of artificial intelligence methods that mimic human reasoning. The company has been serving clients in Canada, the US and around the world since 1996, and has administered close to 100 million tests since then. Their corporate clients include France Telecom, Land Rover, Blue Cross, John Deere, Discovery Channel, Ace Hardware, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, and Sears and many other high-profile companies.